Boss Ass Bitch Events Near You!

Social media is the devil.

Okay that’s probably a bit extreme. I mean… I can definitely understand how social media can suck people in and consume their lives, habits and thought processes. It’s a real mind fuck and quite frankly I’d be just fine without it. HOWEVER, when used correctly it can be extremely informative, inspirational and a door opener for networking. I’ve been “upping” my game on the ‘gram. That basically means I stopped following accounts without depth or quality information (meme accounts totally have substance).

Just a few days ago I came across this awesome Instagram page: @YesSheCan.Work

This post is in no way endorsed. Hell, I don’t even think they know I exist. I don’t care, because that’s not the point. I simply believe in what this site is doing and needed to share it. Their concept is simple: To provide “a curated calendar of events for female creatives and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.”

This website has been extremely important and resourceful for me. It’s a single platform filled with boss ass bitch events in LA. Whether you’re in search of community events, workshops or creative social gatherings, YesSheCan should be bookmarked immediately. You can also sign up for their newsletter and get updates straight to your inbox. If you’re the one hosting, they have this cool “submit your event” feature that lets you, well… submit your event.

So enough of this back and forth… Visit YesSheCan.Work to grow your network and to stay informed! Because we really need to stick together.

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