Happy International Women’s Day

Nasty woman vote - Dangerous for women dangerous for america

“Who run the world? GIRLS.”

Women, we are united and we are everywhere. Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate each other and how far we’ve come since 1848 – ahem the beginning of The Suffrage Movement. Fast forward almost 170 years later, and I too can’t believe why the fuck we still have to protest about this shit. Yeah, we can vote, but that also took 20 years. Even still, our right to vote hasn’t necessarily brought a female’s career up to par with most men.


Here are just a few ways women are still not equal to men:

  • Women are underrepresented in government
  • Women are the minority in the executive suite
  • Women are the minority in the news media
  • Women are the minority in the tech sector
  • Women still take on most of the household responsibilities
  • Women are more likely to be victims of human trafficking
  • Women are at a greater risk of rape and domestic violence
  • Retired women are twice as likely as retired men to live in poverty
  • Women of all ages are more likely than men to live below the poverty line
  • Only 14% of American CEOs are women
  • Only 5% of commercial pilots are women
  • ZERO percent of American presidents have been women
  • and sadly, the list continues…


In no way are my intentions to garner pity, shame, or anything of that sort. Instead, the purpose of this post, and my entire blog, is to open the eyes of both men and women, to inform, and to connect females everywhere. I want everyone to understand what’s going on with the bullshit inequality in basic human rights. On this day, and everyday, I seek to recognize all of the contributions women have made to this country – and earth. Hell, even to space. Yes, that was a nod to Valentina Tereshkova (first female to visit space), Sally Ride (first american female to visit space), and Mae Jemison (first African-American female to visit space).

Women are powerful, intellectual, funny, beautiful, and as capable as men. Today, I celebrate every female on this earth. You are special, everyone is, but today is our day. So own it. Today is also the Day Without A Woman strike, so please participate. Wear red in solidarity, don’t buy anything unless it’s at a minority or female-owned business, skip work, and donate to charities that support women!


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