Hundreds Of Caged Lab Chimps Will Finally Be Released

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) have finally announced the end of their chimpanzee research program. 

All of the U.S. lab chimps that have been living in cages for years will be sent off to live a more peaceful and uninterrupted life. 

The program had already let go of 300 chimps, but kept 50 on reserve in case they needed to do emergency testing. 

NIH Director Francis Collins, sent Nature an email stating that the 50 reserve chimps would be soon joining the 300 plus chimps in the search of a new “retirement” home.  

One of the main reasons the NIH have decided to release the chimpanzees, is because of the public’s relentless backlash against the practice. 

Research done on these animals have become increasingly unpopular and negligible. Wild chimpanzees have been listed as endangered since 1990, but it wasn’t until this summer that they were listed as “threatened.” 

The company is now searching for spots to place to the chimps. So far, Chimp Haven in Keithville, Louisiana offered spots for 25 chimps. Still, it will be tough to find homes for the rest of the chimps. Collins toldBuzzed News that it could take “years” to find homes for all the chimps.

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