Kylie Jenner Is Now The Second Richest Kardashian Sister


Whether you’re a die hard Kylie Jenner fan or not, one thing is for sure: this girl knows how to make money. Her dedication and hard work landed her a spot on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list under “Retail and E-Commerce.” Unless you follow the family closely, you would never believe she’s the youngest member of the Kardashian clan. At just 19, she is far from your typical teenager. She is officially the second richest Kardashian sister and the youngest person to be featured on the list this year!

“Per Forbes’ estimates, she’s the second-highest annual earner overall in her family, after half- sister Kim Kardashian,” Forbes reported.

She might have had some help in the fame department from her older sisters, but all of her accomplishments are because of her own hustle. Her incredible success is not a mere coincidence or a form of luck. From her cosmetics line to her apparel line with older sister Kendall, Kylie always gives her best to her fans.

“The reality-TV star’s Kylie Cosmetics line has gone from strength to strength, with each incarnation of her $29 Lip Kits selling out upon release,” Forbes wrote. “Sources close to the teenager suggest the glosses did 7 figures in revenues in 2016 alone. Jenner also puts her name to an apparel line, alongside model sister Kendall.”

Kylie is undeniably amazing at branding and marketing. Every launch she has come out with has sold out within minutes, if not less. In December 2016 she opened her first Kylie Pop Up Shop, which attracted fans from different area codes. Many camped overnight and others stuck it out through hours of waiting in line. Her online shop called The Kylie Shop has also seen a major success, with most of the items selling out.

To start the New Year off in the most perfect Kylie fashion, another new launch from Kylie Cosmetics was revealed! Kylie spent the beginning of 2017 perfecting her KyShadow The Royal Peach Palette. The young fashionista created a 12-shade eyeshadow palette that was inspired by her makeup from New York Fashion Week. Although it hasn’t launched yet, there’s not doubt it will sell out fast! The official launch for her new palette is January 12 at 3pm pst.

With all her achievements in hand, the young Jenner still has a long way to go to keep up with her older half-sister Kim K. However, we’re sure her hard work will help her reach Kim’s level sooner than we think.

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