How To Monetize Your Instagram Account

Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, I’m sure you’ve realized how it has completely changed the game.

In this scenario, the game is simply the way many of us share content, engage with friends, shop, advertise products and even run a business! The name of this game is Instagram. Those who use it to score that #cashmoney do it using a set of important skills and strategies. Reaching a targeted or niche audience has helped influencers, bloggers, public figures, and brands grow their following, increase engagement, and ultimately score some instacash.

ATTN: The following tips, tricks and so-called rules won’t make you insta-ntly rich (see what I did there?). So if you’re looking for a get rich quick solution, this isn’t it.

These tips will hopefully guide you in the right direction. This post is about monetizing what you love by correctly using social platforms, or in this case, Instagram. So, you’ve made it this far and you’re just dying to know, “What exactly makes these Instagram users different than the rest?” You’re about to find out.



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Creating your own content is incredibly important. It helps establish your voice, brand and personal style. The content you post will ultimately define who you are in the social media realm, which will help draw in similar brands.

“Your following is not what brands are looking at. They’re looking for quality content, credentials, user engagement, and your ability to captivate quality and beautiful imagery.” – Candice Kumai, @candicekumai



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Being real is key. Although it does get hard to tell the difference between who’s being genuine on social media and who’s not, it still matters. People like to see real people, doing real things. It makes your brand relatable.

“What is the general theme of your account? Are you more about creating beautiful photos, or is there more emphasis on telling a story through your captions? Figure out what makes you and your account unique, be intentional in your delivery, and engage with your community. That is the basis for creating the foundation for a following.” – Jera Foster, @workoutbean



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Like all successful brands, yours must find its unique style and voice. Not only is original content necessary, but having a genuine point of view is too. You should aim to have an account that accurately reflects what you and your brand stands for. Your Instagram should be thought of as your business, and you must work hard to maintain a consistent voice throughout it.

Everything you post matters. The photos, captions and how you portray yourself all make a difference – positive or not. This all ties into building your brand and honing your skills. Consistency helps other brands (potential investors in your wallet) understand what you represent and what you could offer them. This clarity draws in similar brands who you could potentially collaborate with. By doing this, you will build more connections and more possibilities of making some extra cash from your IG.

Also, pay attention to what gets the best responses. Make it a habit to pick up on things that get high engagement. Your followers are your biggest assets. Pay attention to them and what they like. If a post doesn’t perform well, don’t spend too much time analyzing it. Instead, try something different. Try something that’s given you positive results in the past. Or, be bold and try something new.


Interacting and engaging

Whether it’s through DMs, comments or stories, interacting with your followers is crucial. By doing so, you are creating relationships with depth. These meaningful connections make receiving engagement from your followers easier. It allows people to see that you are a real person and that you are approachable.

“I also use [Instagram Stories] to show behind the scenes or sneak peeks of upcoming YouTube videos. It’s a fun way to connect with people because they can respond to a Story through a direct message, which opens up a conversation that might not have happened otherwise.” – Amber Spiegel, @sweetlambs


Loving what you do, and doing what you love

“Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it.” Too much Bradbury? No. Such. Thing.

This might sound cheesy or cliché, but it’s probably the most important tip I have for you. If you are starting an Instagram solely to making some cash, chances are it might not work out like you hoped. Being passionate and loving your work is super important to becoming successful (in anything). If you aren’t “feeling” the whole social media thing, it’s not going to work in your favor. It won’t “feel” you back. Being passionate will make you more authentic (see above), help you post consistently, engage accordingly, and keep you motivated!

“Whether it’s through sponsorships or promoting a product or service, there’s really no magic formula for making money using Instagram. I think it’s a matter of being passionate about what you’re doing, being consistent in the type of content that you post, and finding a balance of professional and personal content to connect with your followers.” – Amber Spiegel, @sweetlambs


So, there you have it. Hopefully these few things have led you in the right direction. So, there you have it. Dream big, just remember to stay true to yourself!

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