Happy International Women’s Day

Nasty woman vote - Dangerous for women dangerous for america

“Who run the world? GIRLS.” Women, we are united and we are everywhere. Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate each other and how far we’ve come since 1848 – ahem the beginning of The Suffrage Movement. Fast forward almost 170 years later, and I too can’t believe why the fuck we still have to

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Proud To Be Female

Haven’t you heard? The future is female, and the future is now. Women are so damn inspiring it’s crazy that we don’t talk about it more often. Amazing things have happened because of women, and I think it’s time (it’s been time) that the world starts recognizing us for what we are capable of.

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Trump Blames Obama For Protests

President Donald Trump just made the boldest accusation against former president Barack Obama: He believes Obama is at fault for the leaks regarding his administration’s alleged problems. In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends that aired Tuesday, hosts asked Trump about the town halls and protests that have been spiraling since he took office.

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