Proud To Be Female

Haven’t you heard? The future is female, and the future is now.

Women are so damn inspiring it’s crazy that we don’t talk about it more often. Amazing things have happened because of women, and I think it’s time (it’s been time) that the world starts recognizing us for what we are capable of. Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, and the list goes on. From entertainers to scientists, women are stopping at nothing to lead the way to change. Every day, history is being made by women who are pushing all of the boundaries.

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I was inspired to write this blog post as I walked to my office this morning. As I passed Whole Foods there was this young woman standing outside with a stack of flyers announcing A Day Without A Woman. If you don’t know, this is another event organized by the women behind Women’s March. It encourages women to skip work, attend a rally in City Hall Downtown, avoid spending money, and to wear red in solidarity. Read more on the event here.

A day without a woman

Back to the woman. This chick was standing outside in the cold, before 9 am. I just thought to myself, like damn… that’s dedication. Let’s get real, if I don’t have to be up for work or whatever, I most likely won’t leave my loft until I’m hungry or I really need to. It might not be a big deal to everyone, but it was to me. I praise this woman, and all the others who have taken time out of their mornings, afternoons, or nights to spread encouragement to others. We never know what a person is going through, or what kind of schedules and responsibilities they may have.

This is basically a “thank you” and “I see your effort” kind of post. So, THANK YOU woman outside of Whole Foods in DTLA for informing the early birds and commuters on an important subject. Thank you to every woman who has dedicated their heart and soul to making our country, and world, a more united and bearable place during this confusing time. Thank you to every man who stands by us… and for those who don’t:

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