Snoop Dogg Launched His Own Weed Brand: Leafs By Snoop

Snoop Dogg wants you to get high with him… or at least because of him.

At a private party in Denver on Monday, Snoop announced his brand as Leafs by Snoop or LBS. The rapper has now ventured off into the pot business by launching his own line of cannabis. 

According to Snoop’s pot culture website Merry Jane, LBS will offer many different products. 

There will be flower, concentrates, and edibles available for purchase in Colorado. For now the products will only be available in medical dispensaries throughout LivWell Colorado. 

The flower will include eight different strains: Lemon Pie, Blueberry Dream and Tangerine Man which are sativas; Bananas, Northern Lights, Cali Kush and Purple Bush which are Indicas; and one CBD strain called 3D CBD. 

The edibles will be “handmade, fair trade chocolate bars made with activated cannabis oil, as well as Peanut Butter Gems, Gummies, Drops and Fruit Chews.”

Because Snoop isn’t a Colorado resident, he technically doesn’t own the brand Leafs by Snoop. 

“Leafs By Snoop cannabis products are made under a Colorado marijuana license belonging to Beyond Broadway, which does business as LivWell and will grow all of the brand’s flower and manufacture its edibles and concentrates,” The Cannabist posted.

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