Sony’s PS-HX500 Lets You Digitize Your Entire Vinyl Collection

With the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas happening this week, tons of companies have been introducing various hi-tech products.


Although few products deal with music directly, Sony didn’t keep from showing off their latest PS-HX500 audio turntable. Vinyl is back in style, and Sony knows it. The multinational corporation has adapted to audiophiles, collectors and music connoisseurs with its new record player. 

The PS-HX500 is like most other turntables, in the sense that it will play your records. Physically it’s similar to other high-end turntables, however this machine does something others don’t. It converts analog to digital. 

A USB port which allows users to hook up their computers or other devices to the turntable was added for easy conversion. The PS-HX500 converts any analog file into Sony’s DSD file format or into a high-resolution WAV file. A specially designed app for editing converted files is also included.

“Sony is dedicated to providing audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike with a wide range of hi-res audio solutions,” Director of home entertainment and sound Yamato Tanikawa said in a statement.

The sleek all black color scheme is perfect for those who want a minimal, yet modern looking device. Sony aims to bring vinyl collectors together with the best sound quality hi-res audio can offer. 

The anti-vibration and anti-skipping record player will launch in the spring of this year for an undisclosed price.

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