Are You Brave Enough To Watch The Terrifying Trailer For The Witch?

The Witch

The skin-crawling, blood-curdling and horrifying new trailer for The Witch has finally arrived.

The nightmare of a movie, which first debuted at Sundancelast year, earned Robert Egger the Best Director prize in the U.S. Narrative competition. With the film festival quickly approaching (it begins next week), Egger’s horror hit has been leaving viewers stunned with its minute-long preview.

The movie follows an English farmer, played by Ralph Ineson,being forced to relocate his family from a colonial plantation to the edge of the forest. Threatened by the church, in what could be 2016’s best horror film, the family reluctantly move into their chilling new home where crops fail and animals become inhabited by evil.

The Witch will be released in theaters on February 9th.

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