New Study Says Watching Yourself Eat Could Help You Lose Weight

Watching Yourself Eat Could Help

A new year means new resolutions.

If yours is to lost those extra pounds, that you probably gained from the holidays, there may be a trick that’s perfect for you! Instead of getting that gym membership that you’ll probably cancel by February try this out instead, every time you’re eating sweets just look in the mirror. 

When looking at yourself while you’re eating something that’s not the greatest for your body, your perceived taste will decrease. According to University of Central Florida researcher Ata Jami’s study, students who ate something unhealthy while looking at themselves found the food to be less tasty than those who did not look in the mirror. Jami explained in an article from the Cornell University Food and Brand lab:

“A glance in the mirror tells people more than just about their physical appearanceIt enables them to view themselves objectively and helps them to judge themselves and their behaviors in a same way that they judge others.”

The main idea behind the study is to get more people to increase their self-awareness. Using a mirror to watch themselves will potentially help them differentiate good and bad eating habits easier.  


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